Thursday, August 21, 2008

Morning Sketch

Florence, Italy
Piazza Santo Spirito - Random Morning facing Church - Pen & Ink

Clothing Market

Florence, Italy
Piazza Santo Spirito - Market Clothing - Pen & Ink

Fruit & Collectibles Market

Florence, Italy
Piazza Santo Spirito - Early Market

Apartment - Rooftop

Florence, Italy
View from Apartment Window - Terra cotta rooftops

Italian Choir Concert

Florence, Italy
Concert - Battle of the Choir Teams

Animal Museum

Florence, Italy
Animal Museum - Sketches

Assignment - Market

Florence, Italy
Central Marketplace - Line drawing

Assignment - Fiesole

Fiesole, Italy
View from Cafe Terrace - Inks

Random Flowers - Poppies

Tuscany, Italy
Random Flowers - Terrible Watercolours - I really like this one!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Assignment - Rose Garden

Florence, Italy
Rose Garden - Terrible Watercolours - I think it turned out ok regardless :)

Little Towns Sketches

Cinque Terra, Italy

Museum & Statue

Florence, Italy
Left: Ufizzi Museum - Right: Statues on Church